Intensive Beginner Surf Camp at Seminyak Beach in Bali, Indonesia

Riding level
Group size
2 — 8
1.5 hours per day
Jl. Kayu Aya No.88, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia

Takeoff Surfclub

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This offer is for an four day long intensive Bali surf camp. The lessons take place on Seminyak beach, right next to the school, with all the benefits of being one of the most boutique surf destinations in Indonesia. The beach has a variety of breaks to suit students at all ability levels and Takeoff operate a tuition program that follows a proven path, guaranteeing rapid progress. This offer includes a two hour lesson each day, equipment rental, rash guards, towel, drinking water, sun screen and transfers.  

Lesson 1 covers the absolute basics of safety and surfing: We start with a safety and technique talk on the beach covering safely entering and exiting the ocean, etiquette, lying on the board paddling and popping up to your feet. You will then be invited to practice these techniques on the beach until you are confident. This typically takes around 30 mintues. The lesson then moves to the waves where you will be given a beginner surf board, rash guard and sunscreen and invited to spend the remainder of the lesson practicing catching broken waves (white water), popping up to your feet and riding the wave in a straight line towards the beach. At the end of the lesson, we return to the school and analyse your surf photos. Your instructor will point out your mistakes and offer suggestions to make improvements. Clear instructions and full support allow almost everyone to surf on their first lesson, regardless of gender and age.

Lesson 2 is concerned with improving your pop up and controlling your speed and direction: Successfully standing up and riding a wave is only the start! The second lesson allows the student to practice the skills from their first lesson on a beginner board, gaining confidence in popping up to your feet and riding the broken wave diagonally instead of straight towards the shore. Your instructor will describe in detail what to do and what not to do, allowing you to improve over the curse of the lesson. Then you return to our station and analyse your mistakes by looking through the photos with comments from the instructor.

Lesson 3 consolidates lessons 1 & 2: In this lesson you will be concentrating on paddling and trying to catch waves alone. Your instructor will still be right there with you, but will now be encouraging you and offering advice. Once you can paddle and pop to your feet automatically then you are ready and can head for the lineup. Again, the lesson ends with a photo analysis session back at the school. 

Lesson 4, becoming a surfer:  The final lesson starts with some theory on the sand near the ocean. The instructor will show you where to catch unbroken waves, explain how to get into the water correctly and reach the back of the waves using minimal energy. Paddling is challenging, but once you get out back, you can take a rest on your board and see the beach through the eyes of a surfer! Our Russian and Indonesian instructors will be closely watching you to offer ways to improve and for general safety.That way you will put together everything you have learned and finally properly surf a wave by yourself. Congratulations, you became a surfer in record time!

So if you have four days spare and are keen to become a real surfer, then go for the best beginner surfing camp in Bali, on one of the most developed and fashionable beaches!

Included services: 

  • Guides
  • Technique coaching

1 review
  • Lucas Harmon

    I chose Takeoff Surf School to learn how to surf. Their instructions were very professional: they explained the theory and then we practiced it with instructors in small groups. After the practice your instructor will explain what you did wrong with pictures of you in the ocean. The school has very good facilities as well: changing area and lockers, pool, shower, resting area with beverages. By the way, the school itself is close to the beach: just 10 minute walk or so. All equipment, sun-protection, long-sleeves and sunscreens provided at the spot, so you don't need to worry about anything. Everything is for free, you pay only for the lesson.

    Lucas Harmon

Takeoff Surfclub

4 reviews

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