Surfing Initiation

Riding level
Group size
1 — 8
2 hours
71 Boulevard de la Mer, 64700 Hendaye, France

Your very first steps on your journey to becoming a surfer!

This class is for complete beginners - its never late to try out surfing. The goals are:

  • learn proper surfing technique
  • learn and observe the proper safety procedures in and out of the water
  • know how to recognize and ulitlize your envirnoment (choose a good wave, learn about tides and currents, know where it is safe to get in the water...)

Our professional instructors will have you riding the whitewater to shore in no time! 

Lessons are 2 hours in length, with 1.5 hours in the water. Groups are up to 8 people per instructor. Lessons are held between 8 am and 10pm, depending on your preference and the conditions of the tide.


Book 3 Lessons — $55.00
For an extra $55, book 3 lessons instead of one, and save $15 (compared to booking separately)

Book 5 Lessons — $110.00
For an extra $110, book 5 lessons at once, and save $30 (compared to booking them separately).

Need more details or looking for a special price?

$35 / 2 hours

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  • 100% quality control