Introductory Surfing Experience in Nazaré, Portugal

Riding level
Group size
2 — 6
2 hours
Unnamed Road, 2450 Nazaré, Portugal

Surf4 You is a school intended to develop your innate skills of self-confidence, humility, patience, respect, resilience and perseverance, through moments of surfing. Based on our proven method of the “small group” surf coaching, you will learn faster and surf better by benefiting from the development of your surf and water skills, flexible learning pace that meets the needs of every student and flexible hours and locations according to your personal schedule.

If you prefer to have the company of a friend or your spouse or family, then a small private group is ideal. You will have a dedicated coach for your small group with all the benefits of hiring a personal coach who is fully focused on your group’s progression. We advise a maximum of 4 surfers per small group in order to get the maximum benefit from personal surf coaching.

Surf4 You is based in Nazare, Portugal, a world famous spot thanks to the world famous huge waves in the winter time, but fear not, because there are many other spots nearby producing perfect beginner and intermediate waves the whole year through!

This offer is for a beginners lesson for a small group, lasting for approximately two hours. We believe that your surf career should be started off right so we will begin with verbal instructions on basic surf technique and water safety. You will then get the opportunity to practice your moves on the beach before we head into the ocean, so by the time we move onto the main event, you will have the skills you need, be confident and rearing to go!

Small groups mean that you will get lots of attention from your instructor and he will be watching you closely, offering hints and tips to paddle, pop up to your feet and get surfing the whitewater! Once you are confident standing and riding waves, we can start to build on your paddling technique and controlling your speed and direction. By the end of the lesson, all students should have surfed a whitewater wave and have developed the skills they need to enjoy surfing by themselves!

Price is per person as part of a group. 

Included services

Exclusive Surf Experience in Nazaré, Portugal
Get your own and exclusive surf experience in the most hidden secret of Europe. You will have personal surf sessions with our unique method of one-to-one coaching. Your learning pace will be faster compared with traditional surf schools.


Pack 5 days - Exclusive surf experience in Nazaré — $185.00
5 surf sessions in uncrowded surf spots.

Need more details or looking for a special price?

$40 / 2 hours

Date is required


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