Full Day Beginner Surf Experience At Manuel Antonio Beach In Costa Rica

Riding level
beginner, intermediate
Group size
1 — 6
3 hours
618, Quepos, Costa Rica

COCO Surf School

COCO Surf School

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We have been offering surf lessons on Manuel Antonio beach, a beautiful paradise in Costa Rica, for over eight years. Our instructors are professional and highly experienced in guiding customers through their first surfing experiences. The Manuel Antonio beach is adjacent to the national park of the same name. This park features forest, mangrove swamp and beach habitats that are overflowing with wildlife including hundreds of species of mammals and birds!

This offer is for our full day introductory, beginner surfing lesson. This gives you the best chance of getting to grips with surfing in only one day. With three hours of tuition and the opportunity to take up to two and a half additional practice, you will get as much practice as your legs can manage! This lesson is great for people who want to learn to surf properly, but would like to learn with other people in the same situation, because this can be good for a nice group mentality, team spirit and mutual support!  

Our extensive experience with beginners has given us the chance to develop a proven development program with tips to overcome almost any obstacle to your progress. This offer includes three hours tuition with an experienced and professional surf instructor. If you are staying locally, we can collect you from your hotel in our shuttle and bring you to the beach, where you will receive a very warm welcome. 

The lessons starts with a talk on theory. This is to equip you with knowledge you will need to paddle through the water and jump up to your feet. After getting the chance to practice the key points of the lesson on the beach to build your skills and give you confidence, we move into the sea and the real fun begins. 

Three hours with an experienced and professional instructor should give you all the attention you need to take your land skills to the waves! As well as working on the techniques of paddling and jumping up, our instructors have the experience to give tailored tips and advice to help you individually to progress. You will also be able to keep your board for up to an additional two and a half hours after the lesson, to practice your skills solo and really get to grips with surfing!

If part of your dream vacation to Costa Rica is learning to surf, then why not choose one of the best schools, based on one of the finest beaches in this paradise country?! This full day experience gives the best value opportunity to try surfing and offers all the opportunity possible to catch your first wave and take home an awesome souvenir!

Included in the cost of the lesson are 

3 hours group tuition with an experienced instructor

Equipment rental, including rash guard for the full two hours plus an additional 2.5 hours personal practice time.  

Fresh water

Tropical fruit

COCO Surf School

COCO Surf School

0 reviews

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$55 / 3 hours

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