Commander Islands

Riding level
beginner, intermediate, advanced
Group size
1 — 9
8 hours per day
Kamchatka Krai, Russia, 684500

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In this route of the 2016 season we're going to visit the Commander Islands Nature Reserve - Bering and Medny Islands. 10 days of marine expedition is a unique opportunity to explore the primeval nature of exotic and myserious Commander Islands, which attract the fans of extreme tourism from all over the world.

The islands are named after a commander Vitus Bering, who discovered them in 1741. His grave is marked in Bering island by a modest monument.

Commander Islands are the western end of the Aleutian Island arc, and separated from the Aleutian Islands by 370 km. The relief is somewhat diverse, encompassing folded-block mountains, volcanic plateaus, terraced plains, and low mountains.The highest point is Steller Peak on Bering Island at 755 metres. The highest point on Medny Island is Stenjeger's Peak at 647 metres. The climate is relatively mild and maritime, with cool summers and mild winters. The average temperature in August is +10 ° C, February is -4 ° C.

The neighboring waters provide important feeding, wintering, and migrating habitat for many whale species: sperm whales, orcas, several species of beaked whales and porpoises, humpbacks, and endangered species such as the North Pacific right whales and fin whales. Over a million seabirds gather to nest on numerous large colonies along almost all the coastal cliffs.

During the cruise guests are accommodated in the sailing catamaran. Three double and two triple cabins equipped with wardrobes and shelves are able to accommodate twelve passengers. Each catamaran has restrooms and showers on its floats. The third shower is located on the stern of the vessel, here you can rinse off the salty ocean water after swimming or diving.

Spacious lounge with a wonderful view is located near the kitchen in the cabin of the catamaran. Comfortable seats are located on the deck, there you can spend time reading or contempalting the surrounging beauty.

Every evening after the adventures you get to warm and cozy houseboat with hot water and delicious dinner. With fair winds the catamaran goes on sails, for the cases of calm weather it's equipped with engines and is able to follow the route in any conditions.

All the guests will be given instructions on how to work with the sailing equipment. Everyone will be able to participate in navigation and work with sails. Also, there are single sea kayaks on the deck and everyone will be trained to kayak.

In journey around Kamchatka on sailing catamaran and kayaks everyone becomes a true explorer and can consider himself a pioneer!

Cruise program from 01.08.16 to 11.08.16:


Day 1
• Arrival at Elizovo Airport
• Transfer to the sea port with a stop at the fish market and a supermarket, a short excursion around Pertopavlovsk - Kamchatsky
• Checking in to cabins, briefing on safety and ship rules, going out to the sea

Days 2 - 3
• Sailing from Petropavlovsk - Kamchatsky to Bering Island

Day 4
• Landing to Bering Island, visiting Nikolskoye village, the Commader Islands and museum of Sergey Pasenyuk

Day 5
• Trip on a truck to the north rookery of fur seals

Day 6
• Trip on a truck to Byuan bay, famous for its scattering of precious stones

Day 7
• Sailing to the grave of Vitus Bering to Commandor bay, landing and visiting
• Sailing to Medny Island, landing
• Starting sailing back

Days 8 - 9
• Sailing from Copper Island to Petropavlovsk - Kamchatsky

Day 10 - an extra day for a case of bad weather conditions. If remains free, we'll spend it for staying in some beautiful place during the trip.
• Transfer to the hotel Antarius

Day 11
Transfer to the airport along with souvenir shop and fish market visiting



• the food cost (full board, a lot of fresh seafood dishes)
• transfers: Airport – Pier, Pier - Hotel, Hotel - Airport
• expenses for everyday needs
• expenses for amortization and equipment upgrade
• yacht suits and life vests rental
• full set of kayaking gear rental (kayak, paddle, skirt, life vest, helmet)
• sailing catamaran rental and staff work
• guides
• hunting bases, bathhouses, cabins on the banks usage
• insurance;
• medication expences
• registration of necessary documents and permits to visit the protected areas (reserves, natural monuments, etc..) and border zones expenses

Not included:

• staying in a hotel in case of dates start/end of route and arrival/departure shifting
• expenses for evacuation in emergency cases, not included in insurance
• dishes and beverages, not included in the cost of group menu
• additional expenses caused by bad weather conditions, airport time-table changes, equipment breakage, illness or other unforeseen circumstances
• alcohol beverages

Terms and conditions:

• the estimated cost of participation is calculated for groups of not less than 10 people; in case if the number of participants in a group reduces the price increases, the maximum amount of participants in a group is 12 people
• the route is designed for good weather conditions;
• the listed above schedule and route plan are approximate, the actual route will be chosen according to the group skills level and weather conditions
• for booking you must make a prepayment in the amount of 50 000 rubles not later than three months prior to the cruise. In case of refusal in participation less than 40 days in advance the prepayment is not refunded. In case of cancellation of the cruise on any administrative reasons the prepayment will be fully refunded

Full payment for participation in the cruise shall be made not later than 15 days prior to the start.

Mountain Patrol

Mountain Patrol

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