Great Value One Week Surf Camp At Seminyak, Bali - From First Wave To Lineup!

Riding level
Group size
1 — 8
2 hours per day
Jl. Kayu Aya No.88, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia

Takeoff Surfclub

Takeoff Surfclub

4 reviews

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This offer is for an introductory week long beginner surfing course at Seminyak beach, the most upmarket surf spot in Bali. It includes a two hour lesson each day, equipment rental, rash guards, towel, drinking water, sun screen and transfers. The initial lessons take place on Seminyak beach right by the school. This beach has many sand bars, resulting in a selection of waves that perfectly complement your development. With some of the best waves in Bali to progress on. The instruction follows a proven path, and the result is rapid progression:

Lesson 1:

  • Safety talk on the beach covering where and how to get into and out of the ocean, where and what to look for, how to hold your board and how to avoid being struck by your board. This knowledge will be useful to you after the lessons, even for just splashing around in the waves safely.
  • Still on the beach you will learn how to lie on the board. This is the cornerstone since you must know how to lie properly in order to learn how to take off. You will then receive instructions on how to ‘take off’ or ‘pop up’. The whole subsequent success in surfing depends on getting this right. Before getting into the water, your movements should be clear and carried out in strict sequence so you do not fall into the water. Finally, you will be taught how to properly dismount the board at the end of your ride without injuring yourself, or others!
  • Having received instruction and practiced all the relevant motions on the beach, your instructor will offer the correct board made specially for beginners for safety and you put on lycra, surf zinc (so as not not to get sunburnt) and go to the ocean. The lesson lasts two hours with a short break to drink water and rest. 
  • Finally, you return to our station and analyse your mistakes looking through the photos with comments from the instructor. Clear instructions and full support allow almost everyone to surf on their first lesson, regardless of gender and age.

Lesson 2: Almost everyone manages to pop up and stand on their boards during the first lesson, but that is only the beginning. The second lesson takes place on a foam board, giving the student opportunity to practice their skills, attempting to travel across the white water diagonally instead of heading straight to the shore. Your instructor will describe in detail what to do and what not to do, allowing you to improve over the curse of the lesson. Then you return to our station and analyse your mistakes by looking through the photos with comments from the instructor.

Lesson 3: Consolidating the first two lessons, you will be concentrating on trying to take off on the board as quickly as possible, paddling and trying to catch waves alone. When you do all these things automatically then you are ready and can head for the lineup. Then you return to our station and analyse your mistakes by looking through the photos with comments from the instructor.

Lesson 4: To complete the course, you will start with some theory on the sand near the ocean. The instructor will show you where waves stand up, explain how to get into the water correctly and reach the back of the waves using minimal energy. Paddling is challenging, but once you get out back, you can take a seat on the board, to have some rest and finally look at the world through the eyes of a surfer. Russian and Indonesian instructors will be watching over you for safety as you put together everything you have learned and finally properly surf a wave by yourself. And it's true, it is impossible to explain to someone who has never experienced these feelings. Congratulations, you now know what surfing really is!

Lessons 5-7: These sessions are aimed at building your confidence and giving you the opportunity to get experience surfing different waves. Still under the supervision of instructors, but now traveling to more remote spots for waves that may be gentle or steep, fast or slow and right or left. Having completed these sessions, you are ready to surf alone. 

The cost includes guiding. equipment rental, rash guards, towels, drinking water and sunscreen as well as group transfers.

Price: per person in a group 

Included services: 

  • Guiding
  • Board, lycra, leggings, towel, drinking water, surfer zinc 
  • Transfer for more than 2 people

1 review
  • Alex Lane

    I took 7 lessons in the middle of January 2016. I already tried to surf here and there, but never had any proper training. The trainers at Takeoff were super professional and helpful. Thanks to them, I improved my surfing tremendously. Overall I'm very happy with this school and the experience.

    Alex Lane
Takeoff Surfclub

Takeoff Surfclub

4 reviews

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