Next Level Bali Surf Camp! 6 Days On Some of the Best Surf In Indonesia

Riding level
intermediate, advanced
Group size
1 — 8
2.5 hours per day
Jl. Raya Kuta No.102, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

SurfDiscovery Bali

SurfDiscovery Bali

4 reviews

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This is a six day Bali surf camp, aimed at people who can already surf at least a little, but who want to train their skills and improve their level. It is suitable for anyone who can already stand on a board, but wishes to improve! Kuta beach is one of the best surf spots in Bali for this purpose.

The camp includes four group lessons taken over a six to eight day period, depending on conditions and your progress. Each lesson is two and a half hours in duration and for each you will be provided with a soft top board and leash, a rash guard, board shorts, high SPF sunscreen, a towel, a locker and sports insurance. 

The minimum requisite for this camp is that you are already able to stand up on a board and travel with the wave in a straight line and the course is designed to take your surfing to the next level. Being ASI accredited, the course is well structured and the lesson plan is as follows:

Lesson 1: This lesson is devoted to the review and practice of techniques for turning on the wave. Your instructor will show you the proper technique for turning, and explain the ways that you can practice this on dry land - for example on a skateboard. This type of practice is key if you want to move forward in surfing. After some review of theory you will hit the waves and practice turning and surfing along some waves instead of straight towards the shore! 

Lesson 2: This lesson is very important! You will review proper surf etiquette and behaviour on the line up. You will also be instructed in the behaviour of different types of waves and how to get out onto the line up (eskimo-rolls and duck dives). Once at the line up, you get a rest and you will practice sitting up and turning the board from this position in the pool. Then the most exciting moment - paddling out onto the lineup and surfing some proper waves! Your instructor will always be close by to lend a helping hand and offer some words of encouragement!

Lesson 3: This lesson will be devoted to learning how to "read" the ocean and pick the best waves. You will learn how to determine between left and right waves, and practice surfing along the wave rather than off it.

Lesson 4: Finally - a surf trip! You will load your boards on top of our van (with the help of your instructor) and drive to a reef spot (around 20-30 minutes away). Your instructor will explain to you the specifics of the spot - points of orientation on the shore, where it is best to get in and out of the water and then you will watch the waves for a bit, do some stretches then get in! Reef spot waves differ from beach break waves in that they are longer, more alike and tend to all start from the same spot.

During this trip you will finally understand the beauty of surfing! 

So if you already surfed, but want to become a real surfer, then why not spend four days with us on the beautiful Kuta beach, surfing in Bali? You won’t regret it!

Price: per person in a group 

4 group lessons to be taken over the course of 6-8 days (depending on weather conditions and your progress)
2.5 hours per lesson (10 total hours of instruction)

Included services: 

  • soft top board and leash 
  • rash guard and board shorts 
  • SPF 50 sunscreen
  • towel
  • lockers with keys for storing personal belongings 
  • sports insurance (coverage during lesson time only)

1 review
  • Shawn Ward

    I stopped surfing for a year and decided to book lessons to refresh my skills. The instructors were very professional and friendly, with great new equipment. I rekindled my love for surfing, learned new tricks and continue to surf until now. Thank you.

    Shawn Ward
SurfDiscovery Bali

SurfDiscovery Bali

4 reviews

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