Try Out Surfing On The Best Beginner Surf Camp in Bali With Surf Discovery

Riding level
beginner, intermediate
Group size
1 — 8
2.5 hours per day
Jl. Raya Kuta No.102, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

SurfDiscovery Bali

SurfDiscovery Bali

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Try out surfing at Kuta - one of the best surf beaches in Bali for beginners, with Surf Discovery! This two day surf course could be the perfect introduction to surfing, or help you to blow away the cobwebs at the start of your Bali surf vacation. For beginners, two lessons will usually be enough to get you standing on the board, riding the white water towards the shore and perhaps even making your first turns!

The course is run as two group lessons to be taken over two days, each being 2 and a half hours long (five hours in total). As well as an ASI qualified instructor, the cost includes rental of a soft top board and leash, rash guard and board shorts, SPF 50 sunscreen, a towel, use of lockers with keys for storing personal belongings and sports insurance (covered during lesson time only).

In all cases the first class begins with a short ‘surf theory’ talk, where where you will learn where waves come from, what different kinds there are, what a riptide is and how to deal with one. We will also debunk many myths about the ocean. Your instructor will then show you the proper technique for standing up on the board, which you will practice on our specially made board-shaped carpets. Next, you will be given a board based on your size and weight, then the ‘wet’ part of the lesson can begin!

Firstly, you will practice getting on and off the board and proper paddling technique in our pool, to make absolutely sure that you are ready for the ocean. Your first lesson will be on white water (the foamy part of a broken wave), and you will surf your first wave to shore! Don't be worried, the water is warm, you will only be getting to chest depth and your instructor will always be on hand to help out!

The second lesson begins with the all important stretch! This is so your muscles are ready for the workout. You will learn some basic exercises that you can do in order to help you feel more confident in the water. Next, we will review the theory again and practice standing up on board-carpets and during this lesson you will be introduced to the balance-board - every surfer's best friend! Your instructor will teach you what to do with it and the proper safety technique. A balance-board is a great way to practice and train your balance, which is very key for surfing.

The last part of the lesson will be spent in the ocean practicing your new skills by trying to control your speed and direction in the whitewater. So in only two days from a standing start you could be surfing! So if part of your dream vacation is to surf in Bali, but you don’t have much time, or you aren’t sure, then trust a long standing school with your precious time and try out surfing with us!

Price: per person in a group


  • 2 group lessons to be taken over the course of 2 days (depending on weather conditions and your progress)
  • 2.5 hours per lesson (5 total hours of instruction)

Included services: 

  • soft top board and leash 
  • rash guard and board shorts 
  • SPF 50 sunscreen
  • towel lockers with keys for storing personal belongings 
  • sports insurance (coverage during lesson time only)

SurfDiscovery Bali

SurfDiscovery Bali

4 reviews

Spoken languages


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