Enjoy 7 Nights Surf Camp with Safa's Surf Camp, In Arugam Bay

Riding level
beginner, intermediate, advanced
Group size
up to 1
8 hours per day
Sanddune Beach Hotel Rd, Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Fawas Lafeer

Fawas Lafeer

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Arugam boasts beautiful stretches of white sandy beaches specked with colourful fishing boats. With many things to do here from shopping in the markets, wildlife tours, ayurvedic massage, yoga classes, local temples and tasting authentic Sri Lankan curries not to mention the fresh local caught fish and handmade coconut roti bread. Arugam is a town with incredibly helpful and friendly locals having around 800 Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist families who live in unity with one another it is a very humbling experience and they’ll make sure you leave with an uplifted spirit.
 We want you to truly experience the real and traditional Sri Lanka with all its simple beauty. We also want you to learn how to surf in a unique opportunity with the locals who will never fail at putting a grin on your face. We also support our community by employing and training local fishermen in surf as their knowledge of the ocean, currents and tides is immense. And most importantly we like to keep our environment clean, beautiful and sustainable so we encourage all our visitors to be savvy while they stay.

Our Surf camp run from Saturday to Saturday each week and with warm waters, some of the world's most consistent and uncrowded surfing waves, delicious food, stunning beaches, Safa Surf Camp is the best destination to learn to surf or improve your surfing skills.

Arrival Day (Saturday)

After early afternoon arrival, relax and settle in then meet Fawas who will give you an introduction to the resort and the program for the week. Fawas will join at 07.00 pm at the restaurant in the common Surf Camp table where you will get the chance to meet other surfers who will be joining you for your week of surfing.

Day 1
wake up 4.30 am meet at the restaurant have a free coffee and banana then you'll met your coach who will select a board suitable for your first session. The only other things you'll need to take with you to the beach is your board shorts or bikini, your brand spanking new Safa surf camp rash vest and of course heaps of enthusiasm. We are going by tuk tuk (three wheeler) which is a 10-15 minute ride to the beach and on the way we’ll have a chat about why Sri Lanka is such an ideal place to learn to surf. At the beach we split up in groups based on your surfing ability (if any). You'll be in a group with a handful of other surfers that are at the same level your at. You will learn skills that are relevant to you. You will never have to wait for others to keep up or feel left behind if you need extra practice. Your coach will usually spend the first 10-15 minutes on the sand explaining a new skill or setting a drill and then we move to ride the waves of the warm Indian Ocean. After 90 minutes at the beach we all get in to the tuk tuk and head for home.

Once everyone had a quick shower and a refreshing drink we sit down for a theory session in the comfort of the sea view upstairs. We often review video from the beach in between surfs. On your first day probably, we will be discussing the importance of stance and the mechanics of surfing. After your theory class and a quick Q & A it's normally time for lunch. We all head back down to the beach for another session. When we get back from the beach there's the option of an afternoon yoga class at 04.30 pm and your perfect day ends with a delicious banquet of fresh organic Sri Lankan cuisine and a few cold ones with the gang.

Day 2 & 3

Although our timetable can vary and change due to local tides and conditions, it's usually much better to get up early after your first day and head straight to the beach to surf so after a quick banana and a coffee we jump into the tuk tuk and off we go. After your  7am coaching session we come back to a well earned breakfast followed by a theory class which will help you to take all the mystical voodoo out of surfing. You'll then have a bit of free time before lunch where you can simply relax and enjoy. We head back to the beach at around 2 pm, which means that when we get back from the beach there's the option of an afternoon yoga class at 4.30 pm. At 7.00 pm one of our coaches will swing by the hotel and meet all the guests for dinner a few cold beers.

Day 4
It’s usually on day four of a surf camp that you wake up in the morning feeling a little worn out. You may just prefer to sleep in and simply relax, unwind and enjoy the town, beach, jungle and delicious food. Your mid week day off from surfing also means you can take advantage the abundance of wildlife, beauty and culture which is amazingly diverse. We can also help you arrange any number of tours and excursions including trips to Yala eat National park, day trip with local food and temple and lagoon tour and kayaking.

Day 5

After your day off from surfing you should be feeling refreshed and ready to hit the waves again so we all wake up early for the weekly dawn patrol session. Getting to the beach at dawn and before anyone else I might add is a uniquely rewarding experience that everyone needs to try at least once. Although it can be a little tough pulling yourself out of bed at 6 am, everyone is always glad they did it and there's absolutely nothing like jumping in the sea so earily, it's mechanically offshore in the morning. After a big breakfast we normally review the morning's video which usually allows people to set their own personal goals for their afternoon Session. There's a bit more free time between sessions later in the week so you are able to shop, sight see and have dinner in the evening with one of your surf coaches too.

Day 6
The last day is always the most fun, and has the usual two x 90 minutes sessions in water. In the evening everyone gathers for few sip of beer before dinner and our media team puts on a photo slideshow of the weeks surfing highlights, which is always a hoot! We all say our goodbye's and usually swap contact details with the friends we've made during the week too.

What's Included
  • Beautiful beach-side cabana, fitted with your own bathroom, single bed with netting & fan 
  • Healthy breakfast daily 
  • 10 x 1.5 hour Surf Coaching sessions with Internationally Accredited Surf Coaches and Beach Lifeguards 
  • 3 theory classes (wet & dry) 
  • Video feedback after surf 
  • All surf equipment including a free SAFA rash vest 
  • Surf photographs of you 
  • Your transport to and from different surf locations in Arugam Bay 
  • Airport pickup and drop off in Colombo/Hambantotta 
  • Use of all chill out lounges 
  • Free Wi-Fi 
  • Use free pool table and gym

Fawas Lafeer

Fawas Lafeer

0 reviews

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