Drift Retreat in Jersey - Surf, Yoga and Detox! June 2017!

Riding level
beginner, intermediate
Group size
1 — 12
8 hours per day
Grande Route des Mielles, Jersey


Friday 2nd June - Friday 9th June 2017 - DRIFT Week-Long Retreat

Included in the price:

- Airport transfers (at the beach in 15 minutes) 
 - Accommodation (single top bunk in the Tower - see options for other possibilities)
 - Surf lessons (1.5 hours including wetsuit and board hire) 
 - Yoga session (2 hours per day) 
 - SUP Paddle session (1 hour) 
 - Three healthy nutritious vegetarian meals a day (supplied by Wild Health) 
 - Juices / smoothies / teas and Raw snacks
 - BBQ & Camp fire on last night
 - DRIFT Goodie bag


DRIFT is located in the magical Channel Islands, surrounded by some of the cleanest beaches in Europe and best coastline in the British isles. We are based in one of the Jersey's most amazing locations: the iconic Kempt Tower, built in 1834, restored with all the modern conveniences, situated inside the Jersey National Park, which encompasses 1900 hectares of fully protected coastline. Kempt Tower is perfectly situated overlooking St Ouen's five mile beach on one side and the Pond Nature Reserve with a state-of-the-art bird hide on the other. 

There are many beautiful coastal walks, bays and beaches to explore. Or you can simply relax on the beach or up on the roof of your Martello Tower; home for your retreat. The whole experience is about unplugging from the stresses of modern life, digitally detoxing and getting back in touch with nature, so you'll leave feeling refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated.


Kempt Tower was originally built in 1834 as a defensive tower against possible French invasion. Constructed with Jersey granite, the Tower has the best of both worlds, with being a stone’s throw from the beach below and also picturesque paths through Jersey’s wetland nature reserve and sand dunes just minutes away.

There is a Roof top area with magnificent views across the Bay.

The nature of Drift is about sharing this unique experience together. The Tower is open plan and there are bunk beds with a double bed as the bottom bunk and a single bed on the top. So it is possible to share the double for the best rate. 

If you think of the Tower as indoor camping, you won’t be disappointed, they are comfy and cosy for a good night's sleep. This is closer to glamping than camping and bunks are divided by screens if requested. Usually everyone is so tired out from the day, they all pass out and get a good night’s sleep. 

There are hot showers and a comfortable living and dining space with a wood burner and a selection of classic surf films and good books. Linen and towels are provided. 


At DRIFT we like to get in the sea all year around, no matter the weather. We focus on surfing with a one hour and a half session every day tailored to individual needs. We usually film sessions so you can analyse your form if you wish and you can receive individual feedback on your progress and style.

If there are waves we surf. If the surf is flat, we SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) or SUP yoga or kayak or go coasteering. If it’s too big we go to a different sheltered bay and we can consider a different activity to fit the conditions.

Surfing is about the pure child-like joy of riding a wave, whether you do that lying on your belly, or you are a seasoned pro, Drift is about having fun. It’s as simple as that. The tide dictates when we surf and this decides when surf lessons will be each day.


At DRIFT we want to move our bodies and spend time with our 'selfs’ honouring the good intention to put aside some time for our own personal movement and development. We run one hour yoga session each morning and an optional extra hour each afternoon for the three day weekend. 

It will be more about cultivating BALANCE by combining both Yin and Yang yoga. Vinyasa Flow to move, strengthen, stretch and breathe - a dynamic style focused on synchronising breath with movement to build awareness of the whole body; create flexibility, stability and coordination; following alignment principles to allow more energy flow throughout. 

Yin yoga to restore and delve into the fascia, connective tissues and reach the organs through the Chinese meridians.  More static, floor based and rooted in mindfulness; it is a functional approach and accessible to all. We’re focused on being happy, confident and getting good energy flowing. 

The afternoon class is even more relaxed with an easier session designed to stretch out the muscles used in the day’s activities and usually incorporating elements of mindfulness and meditation. Just like the best surfer is the one having the most fun, our ethos is the best yogi is the one with the biggest smile. 


Food is at the center of wellbeing and is at the center of the DRIFT retreat. We all know what we put in we get out, so we will be putting in lots of the good stuff!

During the weekend DRIFT will blow your mind with delicious super foods, healthy delicious meals and snacks so you won’t ever feel you’re missing out. You’ll always have enough and you will have the right fuel for the activities involved with our specially designed menu for the duration of your stay. You will have had a detox whilst still having that yummy holiday feeling of eating lots of delicious meals and treats. Our menus are designed by Gemma from WILD HEALTH. Most of the food will be gluten-free, dairy-free and Raw, with a few exceptions where we will clearly tell you. We’re proud most food is locally sourced and organic and includes  seasonal and wild treats where possible. 


Banana Pancakes with berries & Green smoothie
 Avocado on rye toast, or Avocado, spinach, poached egg (*Gluten and dairy option) & Berry smoothie
 Cinnamon, raisin, banana oatmeal & Summer fruits smoothie

Raw pizza crackers topped with hummous, sundried tomatoes & avocado & Kale chips (raw) 
 Soup topped with popcorn & Stone-age nut bread open sandwich 
 Sprouted lentil burgers in cabbage wraps (raw) with mushroom jerky

 Summer spaghetti - Courgette noodles with cherry tomatoes, olives, pepper & pesto (raw) 
 Nori rolls with tamari dipping sauce and asian salad (raw) 
 Roasted vegetable super uber salad with loads of delicious Jersey veg and leaves

Snacks (all raw)
Fresh juice - beetroot, orange and ginger
 Frozen banana vegan ice-cream
 Fresh juice - kale, apple, spinach and cucumber
 Raw tortillas and guacamole 
 Fresh juice - carrot, pear, ginger and turmeric
 Raw chocolate and strawberry torte

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£490 / 7 days

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