Red Sea Fitness Safari on Luxurious Conceptum Yacht

Riding level
beginner, intermediate, advanced
8 hours per day
El-Shohada, Qesm Hurghada, Red Sea Governorate, Egypt

Conceptum Yacht

Conceptum Yacht

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Fitness safari is a unique offer from the Conceptum Yacht team. Seven days in the open sea enjoying privacy, numerous activities and delicious dietary meals. Leave your stress and hassle onshore, we’re starting a journey to inner peace and perfect fit!

For the whole week you’ll be staying in a luxurious floating hotel. No temptation to go into the city and have a meal at McDonalds. Not the slightest possibility to steal a cake from the table or eat a giant fried chicken leg. No opportunity to oversleep morning exercise and yield to laziness. Team spirit, which brings people together on this cruise, won’t allow you to give up or forget about your goals. And variety of entertainments will help you to escape from thoughts about food.

Safari runs under the daily supervision of an experienced instructor who will make you fall in love with fitness, enjoy daily exercises, find the harmony between your soul and body. In everyday life it’s incredibly difficult to find energy to overcome laziness, fight over muscle soreness, everyday stress and a hundred of other factors that interfere healthy lifestyle.

On Conceptum you don’t have to think about family, work, time — only about yourself! For seven days you’ll be staying in a permanent atmosphere of relaxation and concentrate on positive impressions only. Fitness Safari is the best way to shake things up in your mind, to catch a second breath and begin to live in a new way!

But the cruise is not only about fitness, it’s about entertainment also! You can party on the sundeck and chill in sauna and jacuzzi. There are also many other things to do: diving, fishing, rolling in inflatable zorg, jump from the inflatable slider from sundeck into the sea, take a ride on zodiacs with sea toys, SUP surfing.

We have a buffet restaurant with unlimited amount of non-alcoholic drinks, juice, tea and Americano. You’ll be eating only healthy and low-calorie delicious food. The menu is designed by our chef cook, who passed a special course on dietary nutrition.

You can hire professional diving instructor, snorkeling guide who’ll show you the amazing beauty of the Red Sea, babysitter for your kids, masseur. The yacht is equipped with 2 additional twin cabins for hired staff.

The Yacht

Conceptum Yacht is one of the most luxurious contemporary projects of the Red Sea. Conceptum is a diesel triple-hulled vessel, 45 meters at length and 12 meters in width with three decks.

Multi-hulled construction of the yacht makes it stable during the pitching and more comfortable than the majority of usual yachts of the same class. Your staying at the yacht will be very pleasant, and the Red Sea is one of the most calm seas.

There are 13 comfortable cabins for the most pretentious guests. Eight standart cabins with two separate beds, 2 suits on the fist deck, 2 junior suits on the second deck and a large superior suit with the  area 20 square meters.

All the cabins with big windows are situated on the first and second decks. The minimal area of window is 2 square meters.

Each cabin is equipped with:

  • Windows with the built-in louvers with electronic control, up-to-date sea conditioners, safe boxes, TV sets with 32” diagonal and centralized system of media entertainment, big catalogue of films and music. TV sets with 55” diagonal

  • We have WI-FI in each cabin and at any place of the yacht. We have GSM signal amplifier, that is why WI-FI works also in the sea (for 15 kilometers round of the closest GSM tower on the shore)

  • Bathrooms are equipped with stationary hairdryers, sanitary equipment, rain showers, big mirrors

  • For your comfort you can enter your cabin using the electronic key on your wrist in a waterproof bracelet form. All electronic keys are individual and serve as your personal key on the yacht. You can pay with it for the drinks at the bar also

  • Carpet on the floor in each cabin

  • The yacht is equipped with functioning fire alarm

  • Phones on the yacht. Our guests can call each other and make orders at the bar or restaurant

  • Cabins are decorated with Wenge wood and skin

On the first deck of the yacht there is a spacious saloon, which is functioning as restaurant and the place for presentations, seminars and trainings. There are 26 seats near the tables and 10 seats on the sofas in the saloon. There are also one big TV set (70”) and two smaller TV sets (60”).

Jacuzzi and sauna (that our clients mostly appreciate in cold evenings of the winter months) are located on the sundeck. We have audio system for organizing discos. In hot months a dispersive system of air cooling works on the sundeck and second deck .

We also offer our guests а projector cinema with the screen 3,5×4 meters.

Media system that allows to watch films and music. You computer can be connected to our media system to hold presentations and seminars.


The yacht is served by a team of 9 persons. It is a team of professionals who passed a great number of trainings on safety and service. They will make your rest interesting and unforgettable. The team is carefully selected and its presence is absolutely unnoticeable. because the construction of the yacht restricts the contact between the team and guests.

Technical characteristics:

The length of yacht is 45 meters, it was built in 2015.

  • Two sea diesel engines MAN 850 hp.
  • Two generators BUKAU-WOLF 120 kw.
  • Fuel volume is 12 tons.
  • Water volume is 20 tons.
  • Two watermakers with total power of 12 tons/24 hours.
  • Three zodiacs, 4.7 meters each with engine Yamaha Enduro 60 hp.
  • Rescuing equipment – 2 saving rafts for 25 people each,  life jackets in each cabin,  ring buoys. Fire alarm system

Our diving equipment includes:

  • Two compressors Bauer 320 l/min
  • Nitrox membrane up to 40 percent oxygen
  • 40 Aluminum cylinders (12 liters)
  • 10 cylinders (15 liters)

Fun toys:

  • Inflatable Zorg 2,4×2,2 meters
  • Inflatable slider 8 meters high from sundeck into the sea
  • Water balls
  • Different inflatable toys (Tornado 2, Speedy, Sonic-6 different types)
  • Inflatable islands for rest
  • SUP boards

Fitness safari on Conceptum Yacht is a truly luxurious adventure!

The total cost of cruise is 33,000 EUR. To confirm your reservation you must make a prepayment of 3500 EUR.

Conceptum Yacht

Conceptum Yacht

0 reviews

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