Snowmobile Splitboarding

Riding level
intermediate, advanced
Group size
1 — 6
8 hours per day
F347, Iceland

The Empire

The Empire

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------- Dates 2017 ------- 

15th Jan - 21st Jan 
15th Feb - 21st Feb 
25th Mar - 31st Mar 
15th Apr - 21st Apr 
24th Apr - 30th Apr 
15th May - 21st May

The Highlands of Iceland have always been an uninhabitable place. Many have tried to establish farm's in the elevated regions of the interior, but no one has succeeded. The challenge is not only against the arctic elements, but the vast glaciated tundra. This you must negotiate to access mountain ranges which few have witnessed in the winter months. Its etherial feel has been compared with entering another world all together.

After your arrival in the capital you will be met by the expedition team, which will hold a briefing explaining the days ahead. Dinner and accommodation will be provided in Reykjavik giving you the fuel and rest to embark on your trip. You will be escorted into the centre of the country by a heavily modified trucks, depending on conditions this can take 4-6 hours on single track roads, travelling on GPS, before reaching our highland cabin oasis.

Your accommodation for the next days is located in the middle of some of the tallest highland peaks, it goes by the name of Kerlingarfjöll and has been described by many as a hidden gem of the island. Each morning our snowmobile fleet will be waiting with an expedition guide to take you around the surrounding mountains to specially selected zones based on ability and snow conditions. The high manoeuvrability and speed of these machines will enable you to travel large distances with ease and access mountains that would take days to reach any other way.
 These transport machines will be left at the bottom of our selected lines where we will unpack our touring equipment and begin our accent of the mountain. The rewards fromclimbing the peak yourself not only improve you knowledge of snowpack but enhance the experience of summiting and seeing the icecapsthat dominate the interior. All thats left is to ride your line and repeat. Your days in the highlands will be spend exploring the terrain by , finding places that few had the access to ride and returning to the safety of thecabinswhere dinner will be waiting everyday. If accessible, your guides will take you to geothermal hot springs during the course of your stay.

It might be possible to witness the Aurora Borealis January - March. April and May will offer longer days where we can utilise the benefits of the ever approaching Midnight Sun. When your time in Kerlingarfjöll has come to an end you will be transported back to Reykjavik to share memories of the expedition over dinner and plan the next adventure over some Icelandic beers. 

Expedition Itinerary

Day 1 On the arrival, transport will be waiting to bring you to the garage at Keflavík for packing. Our next will be the capital, Reykjavík. The group will get together for dinner and Expedition briefing.
Accommodation: Bus Hostel - Reykjavik.
Day 2 At early morning we will leave the city and start heading into the highlands of Iceland, the total travel of the day being around 5-7 hours(might take longer depending on road condition). On the way we will stop at Geysir and Gullfoss, a place for sightseeing at fetching some lunch. At our arrival at the huts of Kerlingarfjöll, dinner will be served, followed with a snowmobile riding course. After dinner there will be a briefing on snow/weather and hazard analyzes.
Accommodation: Kerlingarfjöll Highland Cabins
Day 3 Waking up for the first day of riding in Kerlingarfjöll. Over our days we will split the area into section, new area every day(depending on snow condition).On the first day we will be focusing on the interior and the north side of Kerlingarfjöll. When traveling and scouting lines, we will be using the comfort of snowmobiles. Lunch in the wild and dinner in Kerlingarfjöll.
Accommodation: Kerlingarfjöll Highland Cabins
Day 4 Further exploration and riding of the Kerlingarfjöll area. This day we will be focusing on the South and East side of the mountains. Lunch in the wild. Dinner out at The Empire famous snow kitchen (Weather Dependent).
Accommodation: Kerlingarfjöll Highland Cabins
Day 5 We will travel away from Kerlingarfjöll for the day. Heading to the geothermal area of Hveravellir. On the way there we will take the rout next to the glacier of Langjökull for riding. At Hveravellir there is a hot spring for us to take a bath in. Lunch in the wild. Dinner at Kerlingarfjöll Cabins.
Accommodation: Kerlingarfjöll Highland Cabins
Day 6 Travel back to Reykjavik after a morning Split-boarding in the local Kerlingarfjöll Mountains. Lunch in the Wild. Back in Reykjavik 8pm. Dinner at Reykjavik Restaurant. Accommodation: Bus Hostel - Reykjavik.
Day 7 Transportation to Flights included. Please inform us of your flight details ASAP.
Flight: Keflavik Airport


  •  Snowboarding
  •  Split-boarding
  •  Mountains
  •  Icelandic hut culture
  •  Glaciers
  •  Snowmobiling
  •  Exploring
  •  Geothermal Springs
  •  Glacier Views

Method of Transport

  • The Empire Snowmobiles 
  • Splitboard


Other Considerations

Includes: Airport transfer to accommodation / Super-Jeep transport to Kerlingarfjöll/ All Accommodation & All Food on Expedition / Icelandic Mountain Guide / SAR Insurance / Avalanche refreshment course.
 A range of Nitro Snowboards/Splitboards will be available for testing throughout the trip although if you intend to use our boards for the entire expedition please let us know so we have the right size available.

The Empire

The Empire

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