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Creating and publishing offers

Before creating and publishing your offer it’s necessary to add all of its’ elements. Point the mouse on + in the bottom left corner and create:

  • Spot - pin a place on the map, add description and required experience level

  • Instructors - this step is is for school accounts only. Add your school instructors, their photo and info about their professional achievements

  • Services - list the services included in the offer’s price

  • Options - list the options which can be purchased together with the offer. When the user books an offer he can choose them from the list

After all the elements have been added, you can create an offer. Point the mouse on + and choose Create New Offer. Try to make the offer look attractive to users: add a detailed description and a gallery of pictures in HQ. All the elements you created earlier will be available for choosing from the drop-down menus.

After you have added all the information, click on Save Offer and it’ll be saved to the Offers and Options tab. Choose Show Offer to publish it on the website and make it visible to the users.